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    We offer a global logistics network with our offices around the world as well as our high quality sales facilities working with dedicated teams and experts. We have more than 30 years of experience in this field.

    Fast Service

    We deliver our deliveries, especially your urgent deliveries, on time and as quickly as possible and ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

    Safe Delivery

    We maintain our vehicles on time and guarantee delivery reliability through the use of the alternative driver model on highways.

    24/7 Support

    We provide 24/7 support for issues related to your deliveries and respond immediately to any potential issues.

    Pharmaceutical Transportation

    We deliver without interrupting the cold chain thanks to our temperature-controlled transport solutions that we have specially prepared for pharmaceutical transport.

    7/24 International Express Service

    Özçelik Transport, with its international partnerships, modern technical equipment and experienced staff in the express courier sector, produces tailor-made solutions for your needs.
    In line with the requirements of today’s technology age, Özçelik supports the principle of targeted and fast delivery with alternative transport services by combining it with price advantages.

    Take advantage of Özçelik Express and get independent solutions for your deliveries, flexible distribution terms and the service you need.


    What do we do differently?

    • Green Logistic
    • Occupational Safety
    • Technological Applications
    • Efficient Use of Resources

    Green Logistic

    Özçelik Transport minimizes the negative impact of logistics activities on the environment and carries out all logistics processes in such a way that the environment is least polluted. For compulsory road transport, the entire fleet of our own vehicles has been renewed with vehicles in the Euro/5 and Euro/6 standards in accordance with the EU’s CO2 emission standards. All vehicles in the fleet are regularly subjected to noise and emissions tests and checked by the manufacturer’s authorized representatives.

    All vehicles use a synthetic solution that converts harmful exhaust gases such as nitrogen oxides into water vapor and harmless nitrogen. The materials used in the interior and exterior cleaning of vehicles are environmentally friendly.

    Occupational Safety

    We ensure the quality of our services and the continuity of our operations by applying occupational safety procedures. We always offer high quality, timely and reliable solutions at the most affordable price.

    Technological Applications

    We offer our customers new technological applications. We control all of our logistical activities and processes with goals. When providing our logistics services, we comply with all relevant sectoral, national and international laws and regulations.

    Efficient Use of Resources

    When providing our services, we use our internal and external resources effectively and efficiently. We build open and trusting communication with customers. We improve the effectiveness of our quality management system by constantly increasing the level of training of our employees.

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